Enphase means business

Explore the power of Enphase commercial solutions.

Safe, smart, and powerful energy systems for business

The Commercial Enphase Energy System lowers reliance on the electricity grid, saves money on operating costs, and allows you to scale your future energy needs. With safety at the forefront, we offer peace of mind for sensitive sites like fuel stations, fire stations, schools, apartment blocks, hospitals, warehouses, and more. Join the growing number of commercial businesses and non-profit organizations that choose Enphase to help conserve energy and serve the people that depend on them most. That’s why Enphase means business. 

Safety first

The Enphase IQ Series Microinverter design is the safest choice for solar. Unlike systems with a central string inverter, Enphase solar never contains high-voltage direct current (DC), eliminating the risk of DC arc fault fires. 

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Certified for rain or shine

All Enphase IQ Microinverters are all-weather with an IP67 certification. A double-insulated, corrosion-resistant polymer housing means they’re rated to withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them. 

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Responsive and responsible

Enphase Energy Systems include built-in rapid shutdown so that, in any emergency, your solar power can be turned off instantly and easily, keeping electricity grid workers and first responders safe. 


Ready for today and tomorrow

Enphase solar has a plug-and-play design. As your energy needs grow over the years, an installer can plug in more solar panels and microinverters. 


Better over time

Get free over-the-air software updates that bring innovative new features to your solar system and the Enphase App. 

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Manage your site from anywhere

With the Enphase Installer Portal, you’re in control, on-site and on the go. Track power generation, usage, and savings. Monitor and share your system’s performance to make informed decisions about your business and its energy consumption. 

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A bright idea,
even in low light

If one panel stops working, the power keeps flowing—even through shadows, snow, or roof debris. Our Burst Mode technology allows individual panels to begin producing energy earlier in the day for more hours of powerful performance. 

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Industry-leading warranty

Enphase IQ Microinverters are covered by a 25-year warranty.

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Start saving today

Whether you’d like to be carbon neutral, want to reduce sky-high electricity bills, or need to fulfill building mandates, Enphase and our solar installation partners can design a system that will meet the unique demands of your property and business.

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