Guidelines for an installer’s first IQ Battery installation

Steps required before you install your first IQ Battery

To install and commission Enphase IQ Battery systems, your company must attain Company Storage Installer Authorisation. To achieve this, the following two steps must be completed: 

Step 1: Complete the IQ Battery Storage Certification at Enphase University 

Successful installation of an IQ Battery begins with online training at Enphase University.

Start your training today at

This is a comprehensive online training course (duration approx. 3 hours) that must be completed by at least one experienced installer in your company who will be responsible to design and commission IQ Battery systems. You must have an Enphase Installer Platform account to access the training. 

  • If your company has not yet installed any Enphase products, you must first create a company account (and an admin user account). Register a company account here:

    Select "I want to register a new Solar Company with Enphase" and fill out the "Company Details" and "Your account details" sections of the form. 

  • If you are an installer working for a company that already has an Enphase Installer Platform company account, but you do not have your own user account; contact your company account administrator to have them create your user account and add you to the company account. 

  • If you already have your own Enphase Installer Platform user account, log in with your access data via

Step 2:  Request a Design Review for your first installation.

Before your first installation, email your system design to:

An Enphase representative will review your design within 5 business days.  

To carry out the Design Review, we require the following information: 

  • A line diagram/electrical schematic of the proposed installation showing both the PV and storage installation. 

  • A copy of your site plan so that we can understand the planned installation locations for the IQ Battery and the IQ Gateway. It is best to indicate the distance between the devices on the site plan. This is to ensure you will have good communication between Enphase devices. 

  • Any special site conditions that need to be considered. 

Enphase will perform the Design Review and respond with guidance for any adjustments or improvements to your design.  

Once the second step is completed, we will be able to mark your installer company as authorised which will enable IQ Battery system commissioning with the Enphase Installer App. Commissioning must be completed by the installer who completed the online certification via Enphase University. 

The Enphase University Certification is based on the user's login credentials. If there are other people in the installer company who will also commission IQ Battery systems, they must individually complete the IQ Battery Storage Certification at Enphase University to be able to commission using the Enphase Installer App. 

Note that the features in our Enphase Installer App needed to commission IQ Battery systems will not be enabled for your company without completing these two steps. Where installation is attempted before becoming authorised, commissioning will remain blocked until both steps are fully completed. 

Perform your first installation of an IQ Battery 

Where possible, Enphase will accompany your team on site or provide remote support to ensure correct product installation and system commissioning for your first system.

If you would like our assistance with your first installation, please email our team at:

Of course, we remain at your disposal to support your future Enphase installation activities. 

The Goal 

Our goal is to ensure that every IQ Battery installation is quick and efficient, and the battery storage can be up and running. This also serves to enable the system owner to have stable and reliable operation. 

In addition to the online training courses at Enphase University, we offer webinars and classroom-based training. Keep an eye out for one of our training dates in a city near you in the coming weeks.