IQ 7X - EU - perspective


The powerful smart-grid ready Enphase IQ 7X™ microinverter simplifies the installation process considerably while achieving the highest system efficiency for 96-cell module systems.

As part of the Enphase IQ system, it can be easily integrated with the Gateway-S™ and Enphase™ monitoring and analysis software.

Microinverters IQ 7, IQ 7+ and IQ 7X exceed the standards of reliability and robustness of earlier generations of microinverters. They have been tested for more than one million hours, so Enphase can provide a sector-leading warranty of up to 25 years.

  • 320 VA max. output

  • 320–460 W+ recommended module output

  • 96-cell module compatibility

  • 25-79.5 V Operating voltage range

  • Optimised for powerful modules with 60 cells/120 half-cells, 72 cells/144 half-cells* and 96 cells**
  • Over one million test hours in total
  • Double insulated housing, protection class II
  • Satisfies the requirements for dynamic grid support during voltage dips according to low voltage ride-through (LVRT)
  • Remote updates allow adjustment in line with future grid requirements


* An IQ 7+ is required for 72-cell/144 half-cell modules.

** An IQ 7X is required for 96-cell modules.