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Learn how to use Enphase products
What is the bundled SKU for the IQ Battery 5P?

The bundled SKU contains an IQ Gateway Metered (ENV-S-EM-230) with eSW 8.2.x pre-installed and a Communications Kit 2 INT (COMMS-KIT-INT-02).

If I have an existing site, should I purchase the bundled SKU (ENV-IQ-GWM-CK2-INT-KIT)?

No. For an existing site, you can continue to use the existing IQ Gateway and simply plug in the Communications Kit 2 INT (COMMS-KIT-INT-02). However, the existing IQ Gateway should be a metered gateway with CTs (current transformers) installed.

Does every IQ Battery 5P require a Communications Kit?

Every site requires only one Communications Kit (SKU: COMMS-KIT-INT-02) that plugs into the IQ Gateway through a USB connector.

Does Enphase support module-level monitoring for third-party string inverters?

Module-level monitoring is not supported for third-party inverters since the Production CT measures the total production from the third-party string inverter.

Does Enphase control the operation of the third-party string inverter?

Enphase does not control the third-party string inverter.

If a string PV system already has third-party storage, can I still add an IQ Battery 5P?

IQ Batteries cannot be used alongside third-party storage products.

Which other Enphase components do I need when I install an IQ Battery 5P with a third-party string inverter?

To integrate an IQ Battery 5P with an existing third-party inverter, you must install an IQ Gateway Metered, Consumption CTs, Production CTs, and a wired Communications Kit.

Does the IQ Battery 5P require a hybrid or standalone inverter to work with a third-party string inverter?

The IQ Battery 5P does not require a hybrid or standalone inverter because it is an AC-coupled product.

Does the Enphase IQ Battery 5P support PV systems with all models of third-party string inverters?

The Enphase IQ Battery 5P is compatible with all models of string inverters.

Can I use a CAT5 Ethernet cable for the control communications?

CAT5 Ethernet cable cannot be used in lieu of a control cable. You must use an Enphase control cable or an approved third-party control cable to ensure reliable communication. Refer to product documentation for a list of approved control cables.

Can the IQ Battery 5P charge from the grid?

Yes. The IQ Battery 5P has a mode to charge from the grid. This can be enabled from the system settings in the Enphase Installer App or the Enphase App.

Does a single IQ Battery 5P charge with the power produced in all phases?

The IQ Battery 5P will charge with the power produced on all phases within the permissible limits set by the phase imbalance restrictions of the local grid operator.

If I add one IQ Battery 5P, connected to a single-phase on a three-phase system, how does the IQ Battery 5P discharge provide the power for loads on a different phase?

Charging or discharging to the grid is measured at the aggregate level. The IQ Battery will discharge on one phase to support the loads on different phases within the permissible limits set by the phase imbalance restrictions of the local grid operator.

Is the IQ Battery 5P compatible with M Series Microinverters on the same IQ Gateway?

M Series Microinverters are not directly compatible with the IQ Battery 5P. To make them compatible, you will need two IQ Gateways.

How do I purchase the IQ Battery 5P?

Installers can purchase the IQ Battery 5P from a local Enphase distribution partner. Visit the how to buy page to find a local distributor.

How do I get support?

If your installers are on-site, you can reach our customer support at +44 3308088522, if you are not on-site, you can reach us by emailing

What training is required to install and commission the IQ Battery 5P?

Obtaining your Enphase Storage Installation Certification through Enphase University is a mandatory prerequisite to install and commission the IQ Battery 5P in the United Kingdom. Be sure to read the guidelines for your first installation.  In addition, you need to have a design review performed by Enphase prior to your first install.

Where can I find technical documentation for the IQ Battery 5P?

Data sheets and other technical documents for the IQ Battery 5P can be found in the documentation centre.

Where should I plug in the termination resistor connector?

The terminator resistor connector should be installed at both ends of the system in the control connector port.

What is the maximum length of control cable that can be used in a system?

The maximum length is 100 m.

What is the PE port on the Communications Kit?

You must connect a ground cable from the PE port to the main panel. It is needed to ground the drain wire from the control cable.

Is the IQ Battery 5P backup capable?

The current IQ Battery 5P system launched in the UK is only for grid-tied applications.

Can the IQ Battery 5P be mounted on the floor?

Yes. The IQ Battery 5P can be floor-mounted using the IQ Battery 5P Pedestal Mount (SKU: B05-PM-0550-O). One pedestal is needed per battery.

Can the IQ Battery be mounted on a wall?

Yes. The IQ Battery 5P is designed to be wall-mounted and includes the wall-mount bracket inside the box.

Why does IQ Battery 5P offer a 15-year warranty?

One of the Enphase key values is quality. Enphase has demonstrated its commitment to quality through eight generations of microinverters and two prior generations of battery products. The learnings associated with these products has enabled Enphase to offer another industry-leading warranty with our third-generation battery product.

How long is the warranty?

IQ Battery 5P are backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty up to 6,000 cycles as standard.

Can IQ Batteries be installed with both single-phase and three-phase third-party string inverters?

Yes. Both single-phase and three-phase third-party string inverters are supported.

If a PV system has both a third-party string inverter and an Enphase microinverter, can I add IQ Batteries?

Currently, Enphase does not support adding IQ Batteries to this configuration. We expect to support this configuration in the future.

How do I add third-party string inverter details to the Enphase system?

 Third-party inverter details will be added by the installer during commissioning using the Enphase Installer App and will be visible in the Enphase App.

Who should I contact for more information?
Why should the drain wire be connected on only one end?

When there are two paths to ground, current leakage can affect the characteristic impedance of the circuit and cause data-package loss. Hence, the drain wire should be connected only on one side.

In the IQ Battery 5P lifting handles box, I found two handles. Are they interchangeable?

No. The handles are designed to fit onto the left and the right side of the battery and need to be fitted that way due to the plunger that provides additional security during lifting.

Do I need to order one lifting handle set per battery?

No. The IQ Battery 5P lifting handles are reusable. You only need one set, and it can be used on multiple installations and for multiple batteries.

How many IQ Batteries can be installed in a system?

Up to 12 IQ Battery 5P units can be installed using a single IQ Gateway Metered, provided the installed power capacity is within the limit set by the local grid operator. 

Do I need the pedestal mount on every site?

No. You only need a pedestal mount on sites where you want to floor-mount the battery. 

PDF - 607.57 KB - Updated Mar 31, 2023