Encharge 3T™
Encharge 3T™
Encharge 10T™
Encharge 10T™
Coming to the UK in 2022.

IQ AC storage systems

The all-in-one battery storage solution. Reliable. Flexible. Intelligent.

Just like our microinverters on the roof, Enphase Storage leverages a distributed architecture to provide maximum reliability. Each battery includes multiple bi-directional IQ™ 8 microinverters to switch energy from DC to AC and back again for safe, reliable operation. So, even if one stops, we can keep the power flowing and the lights on.

  • Third-generation storage technology.

  • No moving parts that can break over time.


Growing up was never so easy.

Enphase Solar is built on a distributed architecture platform.
This modular microinverter design means you can quickly
and easily expand your system, as your needs grow. 

All-in-one system.

Installation and service made easy.

Storage on wall EU
Two-person lift capability for easy installation and removal.

No extra equipment is needed to mount Enphase Storage or remove it for service.

Storage - EU version
Swappable microinverters for quick repairs in the field.

No need to return the whole battery. Enphase Storage uses the latest IQ 8™ microinverter technology with granular system visibility.

Aerial view of rural residential area with private homes between green fields at sunrise.

All-in-one support with an automated claim process.

Our technical support team is ready to handle issues remotely. Warranty claims are automated with self-generated shipping labels.

Not all battery technology is created equal.

LFP technology is simply safer. Our batteries utilize cobalt-free lithium iron
phosphate (LFP) chemistry that outperforms other battery technology at
high temperatures, reducing any risk of thermal runaway fires.

Brains as well as brawn.

When operating in backup mode, Enphase Storage uses our advanced
Power Start™ technology (soon available) to reliably start power-hungry appliances.

Power you can tap into.

Enphase Storage is managed by our beautifully designed app, meaning you're
just a tap away from tracking how much energy you've stored, managing how
much energy is available for backups, and more.