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The Enphase
AC Module Solar installations just got faster.

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Introducing the Enphase AC Module.

Finally, an AC Module that lives up to the technology's true potential. The Enphase AC Module combines Enphase Microinverters and high-quality solar modules into one truly integrated unit, making installations more cost-effective and faster. Smart solar just got even smarter.

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Innovative Design

The Enphase AC Module uses a patent-pending design that allows for sufficient airflow between the microinverter and PV module. The result is an integrated AC Module which adds value without impacting lifetime performance. 

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Higher System Reliability

Continuing our commitment to quality and reliability, we performed rigorous testing on the integrated AC Module, ensuring long-lasting performance and higher system reliability.

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    Time is money, and savings

    It's simple, before you would install microinverters, modules, and cabling. With an AC Module, there is no inverter installation and no DC wire management. This means a faster experience for you and a greater savings for your customer. 

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    Logistics made simple

    Packing up the truck, unloading the truck, carrying materials up to the roof. That ends up being a lot of trips, and we want you to take less trips. The Enphase IQ 6+ Micro recesses into the frame of the AC Module, saving storage space and cutting down on trips up a ladder.  

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    Tested and tested again

    The microinverter and PV module are independently tested, and then tested again after integration, delivering a more reliable PV system you can count on -- today, tomorrow and for years to come. 

Get a connected home
with the Enphase Home Energy Solution

Enphase Energized AC Modules integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, one system that combines energy production, monitoring, and storage to make your home energy simpler and smarter than ever.

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