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On any given day, the amount of energy your system produces is determined by multiple factors including its size, efficiency, and the amount of solar energy your panels receive. Since your system is powered by the sun, it’s normal to see a drop in energy production in overcast weather. Here’s more about why production drops when the sun is obscured by cloud.

If you frequently see a “Microinverter not reporting” error status, check your home for sources of interference to the power-line communication.

A few usual suspects that can cause interference to your power-line communication are listed below. Usually, moving them to a power outlet farther away from your Gateway should restore reporting.

  • Power strips and surge protectors

  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or battery backup units

  • Touch lamps

  • Battery chargers or AC adapters like those used for cell phone and laptop chargers, especially for older devices

  • Heavy rotating motors in devices like fans, refrigerators, freezers, or water pumps

  • Workshop equipment like a drill press, table saw, wood router, or planer

  • Electronic pest deterrents

  • Any older or failing compact fluorescent light (CFL) installed in your home—remove the CFL, then check to see if the reporting is restored

  • To reconnect your IQ Gateway, follow the reconnection steps.

  • Ensure the smartphone, tablet, or laptop you are using to reconnect your system is within 10 feet of the IQ Gateway.

  • If you have had multiple failed attempts to reconnect your IQ Gateway, restart the IQ Gateway once and then try again.

  • Try the new connection procedure via the Enphase App if you are unable to connect to the IP address of your IQ Gateway or Envoy-S.

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