Installer apps

We've made solar monitoring simple thanks to our beautifully designed desktop and mobile apps. You're always just a tap away from energizing a new system, tracking an existing installation, and ensuring that homeowners are up to date.

Enphase Installer Portal

Access the data you need from a single website

View your entire fleet in real time and stay ahead of any customer issues. Designed for the solar professional, the Enphase Installer Portal streamlines operations and maintenance processes, enabling efficient management of multiple Enphase systems.

View Enphase Installer Portal release notes.

  • Portfolio-level monitoring
  • Remote system diagnosis and maintenance
  • Actual versus modeled performance data

Enphase Installer App

Complete installs faster

Activate Enphase Energy Systems systems while on the go with the Enphase Installer App. Installation and commissioning are more efficient and easier than ever.

View Enphase Installer App release notes.

  • Easy system set-up

    Add homeowner details and seamlessly connect IQ Microinverters, the IQ Gateway, and other Enphase Energy System devices.

  • Grid profile

    Installers can select the appropriate grid profile for each residence.

  • Meter configuration

    Ensure reliable data communication between solar and grid power.