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NABCEP Scholarship Winner Shares Passion for Solar

Apr 01, 2015

NABCEP Scholarship Winner Shares Passion for Solar

Solar is the fastest growing source of energy in America, employing more than 173, 807 people across the nation. To keep the momentum going, Enphase is awarding solar advocates the chance to become NABCEP Entry Level Certified through our Scholarship Giveaway.

Last month, Enphase reached out to the solar community asking those interested to enter the Facebook giveaway and tell us why they want to become NABCEP certified. Today, Enphase is inviting Benjamin Saunders of Lafayette, Louisiana, to begin his solar journey with a free online training course and entry-level exam.

“I’ve been in the petroleum industry for the past ten years, and currently manage the control and safety systems for the production process on one of the largest offshore oil and gas installations in the world,” said Benjamin. “The work is enjoyable, challenging and rewarding, but I also understand the influence this energy source has over our atmosphere and climate.”

Benjamin’s insight into the production of gas and oil has led him down a path of energy conservation.

“In 2012, I replaced a failing water heater with a solar domestic hot water system, built a solar off-road 4x4 hybrid buggy, and have enough experience with industrial electrical and generation to seek electrician certification.” said Benjamin. “My next project is an Energy Star certified cool rooftop—since I need a new roof before I can install my own solar PV system. I love to innovate and tinker.”

As the winner of the NABCEP Scholarship Giveaway, Benjamin will receive free online training courses, NABCEP training books and a paid entry-level NABCEP exam, courtesy of Enphase.

Congratulations, Benjamin! We’re proud to be a part of your solar journey and look forward to seeing it continue.

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