Beta AC Battery installations in Australia pave the way for better installs

Aug 19, 2016

Beta AC Battery installations in Australia pave the way for better installs

2016 has been ‘the year of the battery,’ and rightfully so, with new battery manufacturers and old veterans from other industries weighing in on the storage revolution from every angle. For Enphase, it has been ‘the year of the AC Battery,’ testing, developing and then testing again… and again... and again.

Since late-2014, Enphase has had a vision for what storage should be and we were determined not to compromise our vision with a rushed or inferior offering. Even with a completed product, we’ve rigorously tested it in the field with a number of beta installations in Australia to work out any final issues and gather feedback from the people who will ultimately be dealing with the product on a daily basis. The verdict?

“The installation was incredibly easy, there were no modifications needed to my existing system as the batteries are compatible with my existing Enphase-powered solar system, and they look great in my garage,” says Peter Thorne, Solaray Energy director, who was among the first to test the product in Australia. Installers like Peter are putting the AC Battery to the test in sites all across Australia and New Zealand– ranging from Enphase systems to retrofits with string inverters. Without exception, the batteries have settled into their new homes with ease. To help installers get up to speed, we’ve taken the learnings and created a storage essentials e-book for Australian installers (there’s also one available for US installers) and have put together Australian installation best practices.

With a modular and software-connected design, the Enphase Storage System will not only get smarter and better with each innovation in software, but physically scale with any future expansions that the system owners desire by installing additional 1.2kWh AC Batteries. These lithium iron phosphate, all AC-wired batteries are a future proof investment that ensures safety and quality for installer and end user alike. Plus, it’s really quick to install.

We cannot wait for installers, and ultimately homeowners, everywhere to reap the benefits of a future-proofed, connected, and best-in-class storage system when our AC Batteries arrive in Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks.

Storage has always been the next step for Enphase’s goal of providing clean and affordable energy for everyone. With the Enphase AC Battery, we’re confident that we’ve got it right and that we’re providing customers with a home energy solution that fulfils their current needs and gives them flexibility for the future as well – whatever the next step may be. Enphase installers in Australia: the AC Battery has landed.

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