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Residential construction site with sun and sky in background

California's Rooftop Solar Mandate has been officially approved by the California Building Standards Commission, making it the first of its kind in the U.S.

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Image of solar panel on street light

Thanks to solar photovoltaic systems, residential homes have been converted from power consumers to power generating households for years. Many solar powered houses now produce more energy than what they need and feed the excess back into the electricity grid. Now it is the turn of street lights to play a similar role.

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Clouds forming behind palm trees before a storm or hurricane

FEMA has released a report that outlines best practices to help homeowners protect their solar systems in hurricane-prone areas. The report recommends microinverters and lays out additional guidelines to help homeowners prepare for high veolicty winds.

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Desk with paperwork

Going solar is more affordable today than ever, but it still requires a significant up-front investment. The average six-kilowatt solar energy system costs between $16,260 and $21,420. Fortunately, there are lots of tax incentives to help you pay for the installation.

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Smart Inverters for California Rule 21

The State of California has been working on Rule 21 for over four years. This regulation mandates new safety features, as well as requirements for advanced grid functions (AGF) for inverters, and therefore affects solar installers and homeowners.

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Installer on roof installing Enphase Microinverters

Have you noticed that homeowners are doing more research before going solar? They're taking more time to learn about the technology and understand the equipment that will be going on their roof.

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Energy usage monitoring

Most homeowners who invest in solar are looking for one of two things: keeping energy costs down and reducing their impact on the environment. The great thing about solar is: no matter what motivates you, installing solar for your home does both of those things. 

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Man holding electricity bill
With so many things in life competing for your attention, it's not surprising that you don't stop to pour over a utility bill when it comes in. But your utility bill isn't just a set-it-and-forget-it sort of bill. Each one comes packed with information that, if you're paying attention, can provide good insights into your energy usage—from what you're being charged for to when you're using the most energy. Read More
Hands holding iPad with Consumption Monitoring data in MyEnlighten

We’re excited to share with you some recent insights about what homeowners want from their systems, as well as new tools & resources to help you deliver these valuable features to your current and future customers.

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