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Here’s what we’re working on and thinking about at Enphase.

On the Baltic shores in Karlskrona, Sweden is an exciting new landmark – a unique installation of a giraffe shaped hybrid- charging station. Energiraffen, as it is famously called, is a wind and solar powered charging station for electric vehicles. It is  a Karlskrona municipal initiative and  is open for public use. 

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20 Million Microinverters

Your continued faith in us has helped us achieve yet another milestone.

Enphase was founded in 2006 with the mission of delivering technology solutions that make clean energy affordable, reliable and accessible to all and we are glad to announce that we recently shipped our 20 millionth microinverter, representing an installed base of over 4 GW.

The principle is always the same - to provide the best quality and the most reliable solution to our customers. And we leave no stones unturned to provide this value.

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The cost of getting solar on your roof has dropped significantly over the last decade, and the appeal of reduced utility bills and a lower carbon footprint are mighty attractive for most homeowners. But are you sure your house is solar-ready? Maybe you have an older roof, or maybe you’re dealing with an unconventional architecture.

How can you find out if your house is a good candidate for solar? You may be surprised by how accessible solar can be — and just how easy it is to ensure your home is solar ready.

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