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Here’s what we’re working on and thinking about at Enphase.
Enphase - Made for India

Enphase's world-leading microinverter technology has arrived in India. Read this guest post by our own Venkata Mukundarajan to see how Enphase is Made for India.

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A happy family with more reliable & better performing AC module solar panels
We're excited to see one of our newest projects hit the market: the Enphase AC Module is a new approach to solar energy that simplifies the equipment and streamlines performance. Read More
Enphase Installer Toolkit App

Technology has had a profound impact on the way people work in all kinds of industries.

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Remote control with Enphase

You know Enphase is committed to providing innovative solar technology with industry-leading equipment, monitoring software, and unmatched reliability. When your system is working perfectly, you may not know it's because we're working behind the scenes to make sure your system is always optimized, and always adjusting to the latest regulations and grid changes.

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Keep Your Home Safe with Safe Solar

The fact that most people don’t think twice about their safety when plugging an electrical device into a wall outlet is no accident. Homes and businesses today are powered by standardized, safe alternating current (AC) electricity, but that was not always the case.

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Enphase IQ Aggregator vs IQ Combiner Box Design Decision

Each improvement to the Enphase System brings time savings and materials savings to the installer. Within the IQ System, the latest generation of Enphase technology, we replaced a four-wire cabling system with plug-and-play two-wire cabling. A double-insulated polymer enclosure for the IQ Microinverter enabled us to eliminate the grounding conductor. Adding line-to-line communications between the Microinverters and the Envoy eliminated the neutral wire. These changes have helped make Enphase smarter, lighter, and faster than ever.

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Enphase Mobile Connect Cellular Monitoring

Fleet monitoring ensures the reliable performance of residential PV systems, but what happens when the Wi-Fi password changes or the kids unplug the solar gateway to connect their Xbox?

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Enphase Enlighten Kiosk Mode

Displaying performance data in a place where many people see it, like the lobby of an office building, is a nice way to enhance system monitoring. The option is available to all Enphase System owners via Enlighten’s Kiosk View setting. Visitors may recognize patterns in the results and provide feedback if they notice something unusual. Ten sets of eyes, or a hundred, are better than one. Anytime a system is underperforming, it’s best to notify a technician as soon as possible.

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The State of California has just reopened its online portal for Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) applications, and Enphase would like our installers to know that funds are available for projects with the Enphase Storage System.

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