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Here’s what we’re working on and thinking about at Enphase.

At Enphase, we listen to your concerns and requests and are constantly working to deliver seamless support and the best service.  Our goal is to match the effort we make to build premium products with the effort to provide a premium customer experience. They belong together.

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Enphase Logo plus Panasonic logo

We've partnered with Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America to release the Panasonic AC Series Photovoltaic (PV) HIT® N330E AC Module with integrated Enphase IQ 7X™ Microinverter, which will be available to installers in late March.

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Animation of man next to electricity bill with kwh

We’ve put together a short video to answer a question we get all the time: What is a kilowatt hour? And how is it different from a kilowatt? You probably notice on your electricity bill each month that you’re billed for kWh (kilowatt hours), so knowing what they are and how they’re calculated can help you have more control over your energy usage.

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People supporting the Solar Bill of Rights at the California State Capitol

New bipartisan legislation has been officially introduced at the California State Capital, with the goal of helping homeowners protect their right to generate their own energy.

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Encare Image

We have some exciting news to share with our installer partners. We will soon be launching Encare - a service subscription portal.

Our goal is to enable simple, on-demand access to the services our customers want, at the click of a mouse.

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