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Here’s what we’re working on and thinking about at Enphase.

Ensemble is the energy management technology from Enphase that enables solar, storage and the grid to seamlessly work together to ensure clean, reliable, economical and safe energy. Watch this video to see the future of energy.

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One of the key advantages of microinverters is independent per-panel energy production which increases yield of the overall system. But how would you know if you are getting the best out of your solar panel-microinverter pair? The answer is per solar panel monitoring, which is the best way to verify energy production of each panel.

We have added this exciting new feature, Per Panel Monitoring to the Enlighten mobile app. You can now monitor the energy production of each solar panel in your array for free!

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Raghu Belur

Enphase Energy co-founder and Chief Product Officer Raghu Belur, in this exclusive interview with YourStory,  speaks about his journey of starting Enphase and his plans for hiring and growing the organisation. He talks about
energy poverty and adapting to new technologies like blockchain & AI.
“The best thing to tell an entrepreneur is that you can’t do something.”
He also shares insights from his experience as an entrepreneur, the keys to the success of a startup and the mindset edge that silicon valley has over Indian Startups.

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Live Chat

Getting an error in Enlighten you don’t understand? Need help getting your Envoy back online? Curious about upgrade options for your Enphase system? Our customer service team is here to help. Now along with telephone and email support, we have added new ‘Live Chat’ support.

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Earth Day

Global warming is a harsh reality today and is causing an increase of 0.7°C per century. Carbon accounts for 80% of all the greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change.

We often tend to ignore individual contribution to increasing the global carbon footprint. An average person contributes to 4.9 metric ton C02 emission annually and 50% of it is produced from electricity itself.

Wondering how to reduce your carbon footprint?

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