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Here’s what we’re working on and thinking about at Enphase.
Electric Car

Whether you want an electric vehicle (EV) to cut gasoline bills, save the planet, or to have the latest technology, you should ask yourself these five questions before you take the plunge.

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In 1970, Earth Day was started as an environmental teach-in. Up the street, one year later, Intel released its first microprocessor. These two revolutions—environmentalism and technology—came together, making the Bay Area birthplace of the clean-tech, green-tech world.

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Solar Storage, Energy Storage, Solar Battery

A battery is just a battery right? Wrong. When it comes to making a decision about adding batteries to a PV system, it’s important to know what’s inside. Here’s a crash course in battery chemistries.

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By Olivia Smith

Energy is evolving. Renewable energy solutions are expanding faster than ever, and in Australia, it seems like hardly a day goes by without a new storage technology getting announced. All of this is symptomatic of an awakening energy consciousness around the world. People don’t want to passively consume electricity and pay for the bill anymore. They want energy to be an active choice, whether that be a choice to pay less on their utilities or a choice to reduce their carbon footprint.

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By Nathan Dunn

People tend to associate New Zealand with the All Blacks, Maori culture, and thanks to the creative air safety videos produced by Air New Zealand - Lord of the Rings. But what has been somewhat of a secret until now is how Christchurch is quietly becoming a global mecca in high technology.

Thanks to world-renowned power electronics program at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch is home to a particularly high concentration of engineers who are perfectly skilled for high technology companies such as Enphase.

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Enphase Battery Backup for power outages

Last week, a high-profile supplier of battery packs to the solar industry announced that it was discontinuing its plans for a 10kWh battery backup. It’s a good time to visit the question of what backup is and whether batteries are the way to best meet a homeowner’s backup needs.

Are Backup Batteries a Significant Solution for Power Outages? 

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When Raghu Belur talks about the beginnings of Enphase and where he believes the company and its technology will go in the future, his passion shines through. The most recent example of this enthusiasm can be found in the latest installment of Solar Power World’s “Solar Speaks” podcast, where Kathie Zipp, SPW’s managing editor, asks him about solar, energy storage, and the future of the grid.

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Enphase AC Battery Wiring

When you watch our time-lapse video of a 4.8kWh Enphase Storage System installation, you'll notice something pretty remarkable: one person was able to install four Enphase AC Batteries in less than two hours – one hour and 40 minutes, to be exact.

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Brewery Microinverter Install

By Olivia Smith, Communications Manager, Enphase APAC

Although only making up a small proportion of Australia’s overall beer production, craft beer is a rapidly growing category within the Australian beverage market. Companies like Bright Brewery have big ambitions and are fulfilling their aspirations toward producing a more sustainable craft beer that has a lower carbon footprint through the use of solar power.

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