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Enphase Advantages

Enphase Advantages - Commercial Installations

  • Safety

    FEMA recommended, eliminating any high voltage DC 

  • Rapid Shutdown Ready

    Rapid Shut Down compliant without any additional hardware or mounting string inverters within rooftop array.

  • O&M Savings

    Reduce truck rolls with remote trouble shooting, selective truck rolls, swapping a micro vs. diagnosing a string

  • Increased Production

    Mitigate against shade, soiling, and module mismatch, Helioscope validated, better LCOE than string  

  • Less Risk

    No catastrophic system-wide outages, greater reliability and uptime, one monitoring solution for resi and commercial

  • Larger System Sizes

    Design and Install Flexibility; worry less about shade and string sizing and install more modules

  • Warranty

    Greater value for system owner means a greater competitive advantage

Image of micro inverter vs string inverter vs string inverter with DC optimizer; solaredge vs enphase

Enphase Microinverters Vs Standard Inverters

There are several solar technologies in the market - microinverters, string inverters, and string inverters with DC optimizers. It is important to understand the differences and details of each to make the right choice.

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Illustration or icon of paper with a green seal to represent the Enphase 25-year warranty

A 25-year warranty, out of the box

We stand by our solar inverters with an industry-highest 25-year warranty. Because you've already got enough things to worry about, and replacing your solar shouldn't be one of them.

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Success speaks for itself.

See why more people are choosing Enphase for their commercial projects and find out why solar energy makes financial and environmental sense.

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Quality and reliability at every stage.

We see quality and reliability as the core of our business, so we've built our entire production model around a focus on quality and reliability at every stage.

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