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We're with you for every step of your
project journey.

  • Financing your project.

    Enphase’s finance partner network can help you secure funding for your project, and secure it faster.

    See our finance partners
  • Designing your system.

    Build AC system designs in minutes with our partners’ design software, and let our in-house design team help you create plans for Enphase systems. 

    Learn more about design support
  • Installing your Enphase system.

    The Enphase microinverter system brings you design flexibility and a set of components built to simplify and speed up installation.

    Discover the Enphase microinverter system
  • Smarter monitoring.

    Track your system’s production in real time with in-depth, module-level monitoring. Save on O&M by pinpointing any issues, and often resolving them, remotely. 

    Explore Enphase Enlighten

See Enphase in action

Enphase Energy Commercial Solar Solutions Success Stories
Making the most of every inch

Using microinverters let Puerto Rico's Caribe Federal fit 25% more modules on its typical commercial roof, without losing space to a string inverter or wide setbacks for its HVAC units.

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Safer solar powers learning

Microinverters’ superior safety made them a natural fit for the Portola Valley School District, along with the ability to accommodate a two-site, 10-building project.

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What we're talking about now

A sun-powered space for Balanced Body.

Find out why this Pilates equipment supplier’s new roof is decked out with skylights and Enphase microinverters.

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Solar inverters: Learn, compare, decide

Not sure which inverter is right for you? Here's your guide for making an informed purchase decision.

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Enphase Makes Greentech Media's Grid Edge 20

Greentech Media puts on Enphase on its list of the top companies disrupting the US electric market in 2015.

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