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Powering Education Find out why over 600 schools & universities already run on Enphase.

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The future is bright.

When Enphase energizes classrooms, everybody wins. Leading production and reliability maximize energy savings, so schools can direct more resources to what really matters: student learning. The safest solar technology on the market is a perfect match for schools. And bonus: Enphase’s engaging monitoring software is an excellent teaching tool.

The smartest solar choice for schools and universities

  • solar savings

    Maximum solar savings

    The Enphase Commercial Solution brings you higher energy production, greater reliability, and operations and maintenance (O&M) support to maximize your energy savings.

    • Higher return on investment
    • Higher electricity production even on complex roofs and multiple buildings
    • Mitigates shading much better than string inverter systems
  • solar 25 year warranty

    Worry-free solar

    An industry-leading warranty and extensive support provide no-hassle solar you can depend on.

    • Industry-leading warranty, up to 25 years
    • Operations & Maintenance support with a 100% system availability guarantee
    • Emergency repair calls virtually eliminated
    • Silent system
  • solar safety

    Safety counts

    With Enphase, you can rest easy knowing that the safest solar inverter technology available is over students’ heads.

    • Low-voltage system with all-AC electricity
    • Rapid shutdown compliant: meets new electrical safety codes
  • solar education

    A learning tool

    Enphase’s best-in-class monitoring software makes solar as valuable inside the classroom as it is on the roof.

    • Engaging, easy-to-use, and free monitoring software offers an excellent supplement to science and math lesson plans

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solar school | sacred heart

Honolulu Girls’ School Puts Safety First

When Sacred Heart Academy got fed up with its $350,000 annual energy bill, it turned to Hawaii’s abundant sunshine for relief. But it needed a solution that prioritized safety and offered the durability to withstand Hawaii’s harsh climate.


Enphase Solar for Education

Solar lets students see sustainability in action

With clubs like the Green Guerillas promoting sustainability on campus, Westridge School was already committed to the environment. Putting solar on its gym roof was an ideal opportunity for students to see renewable energy in action.

See the schools energized by Enphase

San Diego Shcool Solar
Students Benefit from the Best Thing Under the Sun

With nearly 200 schools, 16,000 employees, and 135,000 students, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) needed a flexible, scalable technology to go solar.

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Arizona Schools Bring Enphase Into the Classroom

Arizona private school looks to Enphase to lower energy costs by producing 30% of its electricity while using the system as a tool to teach students about renewable energy.

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Portola Valley School
Powering the Classroom, Overcoming Design Challenges

Complex roof surfaces, shading issues, and safety requirements at two schools in the Portola Valley district presented system design challenges for every array.

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