Ensemble (noun) / änˈsämbəl /
  1. A group of musicians, actors or dancers who perform together.
  2. The essence of what makes individual items or performers work in unison.

The conductor of your solar. Ensemble by Enphase is the energy operating system that guides your solar to new possibilities. Sit back and enjoy the harmony that Enphase Ensemble brings to the different components of your solar so they work in unison and provide energy to your home whether you’re tied to the electrical grid or not. With Enphase Ensemble you got the power to choose to ensure your energy is always on.

Traditional Solar home icon
Traditional Solar

The traditional 'grid-tied' solar model provides lower electricity bills and clean energy to households and businesses everywhere. These systems keep producing energy as long as electric utility lines send power, working hand-in-hand the way two dancers perform the tango.

Understanding Traditional Solar

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Grid-Amplified Energy

Going grid-amplified means enjoying the power of a connection to electric utility lines, while Enphase Ensemble provides the power to keep the home microgrid amped up if a storm or some other issue interrupts the public power grid.

Grid-Amplified Energy?

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Managed Off-Grid Energy

Off-grid energy with Enphase Ensemble is power for the dream homestead far beyond the reach of power lines and cell towers. Ensemble is the easiest way to go truly off-grid with solar and storage, without expensive converters, complicated wiring, or specialty appliances.

Going Off-Grid

Enphase Ensemble. Life plays on.

"We have created a new energy architecture that breaks the assumptions about what is possible."

— Martin Fornage Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, Enphase Energy

What I Saw at Enphase, Mind Blown!

“One of the engineers disconnected the PV array from the grid… and nothing happened! Well, actually, a lot happened, […] but what didn’t happen was that the power went out. The microinverters had created a grid on their own in fractions of a second. And here’s the kicker - there were no batteries attached to this system!!!”

“Think of how this product could have helped out in Puerto Rico, or in parts of Africa which have never, ever seen a grid!”

— Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO, Run on Sun

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Enphase going Einstein with IQ8 solar power inverter.

“In essence, the IQ8 – with all of its integrated smarts – has the ability to understand what is going on in the household and react […] and adjust on the fly. Smart. Real Smart.”

— John Weaver, PV Magazine

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Playing in The Band

The future of energy in concert.
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    Energy Management with Enphase micro-ATS

    Energy in tune. Energy management with the Enphase micro-ATS lets you keep playing when the grid goes down. The micro-ATS seamlessly isolates your home for grid-amplified operation during a blackout, so your IQ 8 Micros can keep powering your home while there is still daylight. Our simple to use Energy Management system, lets you decide what circuits stay powered on and in what priority. As long as you’re harvesting the sun’s rays, your system will allocate energy to match your priorities, even when the grid can’t. The sun is shining, stay in tune.

  • Enlighten icon

    Music to your eyes. Keep track of your energy system’s performance anywhere with our intuitive, cloud-based monitoring platform, Enlighten. Enlighten lets you easily configure and reconfigure your system as your energy needs and priorities change. And with the Enlighten platform, you choose the option that’s right for you from “just the facts, ma’am” to per panel monitoring with lots of data to make your scientist’s heart sing. Listen to your home, even when you’re away.

  • Encharge icon

    The future of energy storage performing just for you. The Enphase AC Battery solution, Encharge, provides back up power for those times when the sun has set, and the grid is still down. Enjoy fully off-grid operation when you pair your Encharge batteries with the Enphase micro-ATS. You may not even notice when your street goes dark at sunset - your home keeps running through the blackout. Who knows. It might even be time to invite your neighbors over for dinner.

  • IQ 8 icon
    IQ 8 Microinverters

    The renowned soloist. Enphase offers the simplicity of traditional grid-tied solar to get you started on your path to energy independence. Go solar with IQ 8 Micro. With traditional solar, you harness the power of the sun to run your home when the sun is shining and your utility is powered on. But what’s even better is that with Enphase you have the option to go off-grid with the same IQ 8 Microinverters when you’re ready.

Ensemble Defined

Better understand the future of energy.
  • Traditional Solar

    Solar energy for home use has given many millions of people around the world a way to start taking control of their home energy. 'Going solar' has also given many homeowners a respite from high utility bills. A great majority of solar homeowners, however, also believe that freedom from utility bills also means energy independence. But traditional home solar systems stop producing energy when the utility grid suffers an outage; even if the system has batteries.

    This 'grid-tied' solar model provides lower electricity bills and clean energy to households and businesses everywhere. With the eighth-generation Enphase Home Energy System with IQ, prospective solar homeowners have the option to join the solar movement in the traditional fashion.

  • Grid-Amplified Energy

    Grid-amplified energy built on the Enphase Home Energy System with IQ with Enphase Ensemble gives solar homeowners all the advantages and assurance of traditional grid-tied solar, with the additional benefit of a solar system that keeps the home microgrid amped up if the utility grid suffers an outage. Just like a rock band playing to a crowd in a stadium, Ensemble is like the sound system that allows musicians to take it to the next level. Grid-amplified energy keeps working when the sun is shining but utility power goes out.

    Adding a grid-amplified battery storage system with Enphase Ensemble allows homeowners to power their houses at night during a power outage. Going grid-amplified with storage means enjoying the assurance of a connection to the existing grid infrastructure, while also protecting the power in the home with its own microgrid if a storm or some other issue interrupts the public power grid.

    Grid-Amplified: Assurance of the public grid with the confidence of a personal microgrid.

  • Managed Off-Grid Energy

    The dream homestead far beyond the reach of power lines and cell towers requires true off-grid energy with Enphase Ensemble; clean, reliable solar power provides the energy during daylight hours, and adding an Enphase Ensemble battery will keep the lights on at night too.

    With the Enphase Home Energy System with IQ, there is no need to spend extra money on specialty electronics or expensive custom wiring schemes. Specialty DC-power home appliances are also a thing of the past, since off-grid energy with Enphase Ensemble produces the same AC-power used in traditional grid-connected homes. Off-grid energy with Ensemble is like the acoustic jam session that keeps going after the sun goes down.

The Power to Choose

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