Enphase 201 Lecture / Lab | With ImagineSolar - Austin, TX

June 27 9:00am - 4:30pm Central Standard Time (America/Mexico_City)

4000 Caven Road, Austin, TX 78744
Event Details

Enphase 201 Lecture / Lab | With ImagineSolar - Austin, TX

Lunch provided

Get ahead of the curve and ready for the next revolution in solar! In this full-day Enphase 201 class you'll learn the importance of CT’s and best practices for design and install to prepare for Ensemble™ 1.0!

  • Learn how to evaluate a site for CT placement and we’ll give you four tips and tricks to ensure a successful CT installation every time
  • We’ll show you how the Meter Wizard can help you make sure your install will be CT error-free
  • Get a sneak peek at the exciting upcoming Enphase Ensemble™ System
  • Learn how to design and plan to new Ensemble™ Systems
  • Find out how you can expand your current customers’ IQ Systems with Ensemble™ Storage

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