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Introduction to AC Module Installation

December 13 11:00am - 12:00pm

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Introduction to AC Module Installation

Finally, an AC Module that lives up to the technology's true potential. The Enphase AC Module combines Enphase IQ Micros and high-quality solar modules into one truly integrated unit, making installations more cost-effective and faster. Smart solar just got even smarter.

Join us to learn how to speed up your installations with the Enphase Energized AC Module. This webinar is appropriate for installers already familiar with the Enphase solution.

We’ll cover:

  • How to prep your AC Modules for installation (Hint: it involves one click)
  • How to layout your arrays and Q Cable for rapid installation
  • Best practice for creating your AC Module array map
  • AC Module racking guidelines
  • How to get the support when you need it