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The trusted solar solution for
new home construction

Why do home builders and solar installers across the country turn to Enphase for solar and storage solutions on
new home construction? It’s simple. They trust us. Our rock-solid reliability keeps solar production Always-On.
Our ease-of-use makes design, installation and maintenance a breeze. And our advanced technology
provides homeowners with the safety and performance they deserve.

Don’t take our word for it…

"Lighthouse Solar has worked with StoryBuilt across multiple communities in Texas in the last eight years, and we have found the Enphase inverter solution to be a superior product line because it offers maximum flexibility in design, module matching, solar pre-wire requirements, code compliance, and has a small footprint. Additionally, the 25-year warranty Enphase provides sets the bar higher than some other building systems do, which is an important selling point for homeowners."
Stan Pipkin, Vice President and Managing Director for Lighthouse Solar

Solar battery storage for new home construction

Protect homeowners from
blackouts with the only all-in-one
solar+storage solution

Offer the ultimate upgrade with Enphase solar+storage.
Designed, manufactured and supported by a single company
– Enphase solar+storage is the safe, powerful and reliable
way to provide homeowners with seamless backup energy.

Get started today with solar for new homes

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