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Updated Enphase System Estimator

Our updated estimator tool now offers users the ability to select exactly which appliances they want backed up, and for how long, to provide a more accurate and customized system design.

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Install Enphase Storage in just one day

The Enphase Storage installation process has been reduced to a single day thanks to a new software update process. Hear what Cutler Bay in Miami, Florida has to say about it.

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CTs now service entrance rated

Enphase Storage installations just got easier with the ability to install consumption CTs at the service entrance thanks to the new 250V CTs with service entrance rating.

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Enphase Storage sales training is live

Enphase University has launched on-demand storage sales training certification to jump-start your sales team. The course will cover how storage works, sizing a system, the Enphase advantage, and pitching/closing a sale.

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Legacy microinverter upgrade offer

The Enphase Upgrade Program provides homeowners with M175, M190, M210, and D380 microinverters several options to upgrade to the latest, more efficient products from Enphase.

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Solargraf™: Your new design tool

Solargraf™ provides installers with critical pre-sales design, quoting, and work-flow management. Installers can sign up for a demo to see how the tool can make their sales process easier than ever.

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System transfers are now just $199

To ensure every home buyer has the protection of the Enphase 25-year limited warranty, and access to Enphase support and monitoring, we have reduced the system ownership change fee to $199.

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Torque guidance for Enpower™ CSR breakers

Our new field bulletin provides proper torque values and tips to ensure CSR breakers are installed correctly for long term safety and reliability.

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Three additional breakers qualified for IQ™ combiner

Due to Eaton BR210 supply constraints, we have qualified three new breakers for the IQ Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES Envoy position. New shipments may include breakers from Eaton, Siemens, or GE.

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New labels for IQ™ Envoys and Combiners

You spoke. We listened. New IQ™ Envoy™ and Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES units will now come preinstalled with LED and button labels. Printable labels are also available for use on existing units.

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First live chat. Now video chat.

We are also always innovating the customer service experience to make it efficient. With just a smartphone needed, our new tool allows Enphase support technicians to communicate directly with installers or homeowners through a video link - a first in the solar industry.

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24/7 Support coming soon

Enphase prides itself on providing best-in-class service to make your job easier and faster. Starting in April, we will raise the bar again by launching 24/7 technical support for both installers and homeowners.

How to use a wireless range extender with Enphase Storage

Wireless communication range is affected by site layout and obstacles. Depending on the distance and position of the Enphase Storage components, a wireless range extender may be required.

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Now chat from within Service Manager

You can now easily chat with an Enphase solar consultant from within the Service Manager. Just log into the Service Manager to chat with us now for instant answers to your questions.

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Enphase Founder Raghu Belur at the Powur Scale Up National Convention 2021

Watch the inspiring conference by Raghu Belur Co-founder and Chief Products Officer of Enphase Energy

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