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Permit Assistance

Order your permit package through Enphase

Permitting is often the most time-consuming step in the solar installation process. Permitting requires document package preparation for the project and approval from the local government bodies. A full permitting package can involve various deliverables such as electrical & wiring diagrams to spec sheets and much more. As part of Enphase’s effort to offer end to end support to installers, Enphase offers the permit assistance service for solar and storage and helps you manage the complete process.

Services offered

Permit Services

These are permit and installation design drawings for residential PV and storage systems. It includes: Title page, PV layout, Mounting method, Wiring diagram, Signage and Specification sheets.

Structural Review

This service provides the installer an opportunity to get the drawings reviewed and stamped by an Structural Engineer.

Electrical Review

This service provides the installer an opportunity to get the drawings reviewed and stamped by an Electrical Engineer.

Physical Stamps

This service provides the installer an option to receive physical wet stamps delivered to their address.


Quick Turnaround time The first draft of design can be accessed within 48 hours
Our Coverage Service solar and storage requests in all jurisdictions within US
Minimal and quick rework Easy rework request facility with 8 hours of processing time
Up to date status tracking Get status updates and track your permit status online
Compliance guarantee Designs are prepared under the guidance of certified engineers
Competitive Pricing Competitive pricing for any service you choose
Enphase Customer Support Prompt response for all installer queries

Request a permit

The application process for design and permitting services is very simple and easy to understand. Once, you submit your details, our team will reach out to you in the next 24 hours to help you further in the process. You will be able to access your design in 48 hours after you submit all required material.

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