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Envoy and Combiner Accessories

Combining forces for simpler installations.

Networking flexibility and reliability

Enphase Envoy accessories make your job simpler. Pre-configured, cost-effective, and easy to use,
they expand system capabilities and provide networking flexibility, helping your customers get more. 

Enphase Mobile Connect

Easy and reliable cellular networking of an Enphase System, with flexible data plans to meet your needs. Pre-configured for residential systems up to 60 microinverters, each modem enables bi-directional communication, allowing for remote firmware updates. 

Cell Modem - M1

  • LTE-M coverage
  • 5-year pre-paid AT&T data plan
  • 5-year equipment warranty
  • Up to 60 microinverters
  • Requires Envoy software 4.10.XX or later

Cell Modem - 03

  • 3G and 4G LTE Coverage
  • 12-year, pre-paid AT&T data plan
  • 5-year equipment warranty
  • Up to 60 microinverters

Cell Modem - 01

  • 3G coverage
  • 5-year, pre-paid AT&T data plan
  • 5-year equipment warranty
  • Up to 60 microinverters

Download the Enphase Mobile Connect Brochure

Enphase Consumption CT

Enphase Consumption CT

When used with an Envoy-S Metered or IQ Envoy, the Enphase Consumption CT enables home energy consumption monitoring. 

  • 8 foot, 18 gauge wire
  • Residential use only
  • Requires an Envoy-S Metered

IQ Combiner 3 Accessories

  • Circuit Breakers : Supports Eaton BR210, BR215, BR220, BR230, BR240, BR250, and BR260 circuit breakers. 
  • BRK-10A-2-240 : Circuit breaker, 2 pole, 10A, Eaton BR210 
  • BRK-15A-2-240 : Circuit breaker, 2 pole, 15A, Eaton BR215 
  • BRK-20A-2P-240 : Circuit breaker, 2 pole, 20A, Eaton BR220 
  • EPLC-01: Power line carrier (communication bridge pair), quantity 2 
  • XA-PLUG-120-3 : Accessory receptacle for Power Line Carrier in IQ Combiner 3 (required for EPLC-01) 
  • XA-ENV-PCBA-3 : Replacement IQ Envoy printed circuit board (PCB) for Combiner 3