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Enphase Grid Optimization

Accelerate distributed energy resource integration.
Grid Optimization Services

Transform distributed energy resources into assets
for grid visibility, stability and optimization.

As the world leader in solar technology and monitoring with over 500,000 deployed systems, Enphase offers data acquisition and control solutions for electric service providers.

Our Solution

  • Network Insight

    Network Insight

    Accurate, granular, and near real-time visibility.

    • Production data from distributed generation and distributed storage in addition to grid telemetry measured at secondary voltage.
  • Distributed Control

    Distributed Control

    Command, control and optimize distributed energy resources.

    • Advanced controls for real power, including storage dispatch.
    • Coordination of real and reactive power for voltage optimization schemes.
    • Autonomous, dispatched and scheduled controls.

Providing least-cost, best-fit solutions for customer initiatives including:

  • Customer engagement
  • Interconnection analyses
  • System planning and forecasting
  • Energy and distribution operations
  • Power quality and grid monitoring
  • Customer service
  • Volt/VAR optimization and CVR schemes
  • Demand response and demand side management
  • Smart Grid programs
  • DERMS pilots and implementations
  • Utility-owned distributed energy assets

See us in action

Aerial photograph of Oahu, Hawaii showing ocean, mountain, and homes

"Something Astounding Just Happened": Our Grid-Stabilizing Collaboration with Hawaiian Electric

Enphase's remote upgrade of hundreds of thousands of microinverters in Hawaii saved HECO tens of millions of dollars and stabilized the grid. It’s just one example of what we can accomplish when Enphase and utilities work together.

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Installer on rooftop securing Enphase microinverter to racking system

Collaboration with PG&E: Delivering Real-Time Intelligence and Control for Smart Grid Solutions

We collaborated with Pacific Gas and Electric Company on a pilot program to deliver smart grid technology to customers in California. Through programs like these, we're working with utilities to integrate smart inverters and transform distributed energy resources into grid assets that will help modernize the grid.

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