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With Enphase Microinverters

Enphase IQ Street Lamp Solutions

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Enphase IQ Microinverters can generate more power than street lamps need. Plus, Enphase’s all-AC distributed architecture is safe, reliable, cost-effective, and intelligent. With a product lifespan of 25 years, zero land cost, and no investment on batteries, the Enphase Energized Street Lighting Solution not only gives you a better return on investment, but also leads to a sustainable environment.
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Representation of the Enphase Energized Street Lighting Solution

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Advantages of Enphase Energized Street Lighting

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    Only Enphase offers a highly reliable and top-quality inverter that can work with a single PV module to give maximum output

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    No Batteries

    The power generated from the microinverter is fed directly to the grid, so no batteries are needed. This also means less maintenance.

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    AC Modules

    AC Modules, installed directly at the solar module factory line, are UL-certified, so you know they’re safe. AC modules also simplify product ordering, inventory and logistics.

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    Power Export

    With burst mode incorporated, our microinverters produce more energy, and a sizeable net energy is fed to the grid.

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    Each microinverter sits directly underneath the PV module, which maximizes space.

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