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Aussie installer discovers simplicity from the first AC Battery install

Jul 21, 2016

Aussie installer discovers simplicity from the first AC Battery install

By Robin Chen

Enphase AC Battery - Making Storage Simple!

A modular and smart energy storage system with no high voltage DC, requiring minimal effort to install: This is the vision we unveiled for the Enphase Storage System. With alpha and beta sites going up across Australia this year and the product’s launch just around the corner, we are now delivering on our promise.

In Australia, installers are finding it's startlingly simple and even faster to install than the 1 hour 40 minute, four battery install in California that got the industry talking earlier this year. Without the constraints of the metal conduit required by US electrical code, our first-time Aussie installer left that record in the dust.

At sites around the country, trusted Enphase installers have had the chance to install the Enphase Storage System, experiencing its seamless integration with a wide variety of existing solar systems, and they’ve seen for themselves just how fast, safe and simple our system is.


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Installed at the home of Enphase staff member, Ben Bishop, the system of three AC Batteries amounting to 3.6kWh in capacity, fits perfectly with a 5kWp rooftop solar system which is also powered by Enphase. Ben’s home now has the complete Enphase Home Energy Solution, maximising his monitoring capability through Enlighten. The installation featured in the video only took 30 minutes to install by one installer, Andy Connolly. Mind you, this was his very first Enphase storage installation.

Piers Morton, Field Application Engineer for Enphase, walks us through the process and the components involved. Enphase’s signature simplicity means there are barely any components, as Piers lays out for us to see - Enphase AC Batteries, backing plates, Envoy-S Metered (if one isn’t already installed at the property), one CT for solar and one CT for consumption* and access plates – no false walls needed - for a practical set up that looks incredible in any setting.

Beyond the physical components, Enphase’s proprietary Enlighten software means there is no need for tedious negotiations with third party software as is notorious in the case of almost all other systems that struggle to integrate with the software of the system’s other components. A storage system should be up and running immediately after installation – homeowners shouldn’t have to think about it. It just works from day one.

Finally, the commissioning of the system itself is intuitive and easy thanks to the renowned Enphase Installer Toolkit which enables quick error checking and confirmation of systems online by installers. Say goodbye to the days of installing a system and having no idea if it is performing properly or not, Enphase does storage the way it was always meant to be – easy.

Thanks to a plug and play philosophy grounded in the design from the start, the Enphase Storage System recognises the home’s existing solar system whether it’s an Enphase system or not, even big ol’ string inverters. Truly seamless, Enphase installers can walk into any job confident that our storage system will fit like a glove with the existing solar and that they will only spend a minimal amount of time on the job – saving them time and their customers money. Further, if a customer decides that they want to scale up their system with more batteries in the future, the decision is much easier and more cost effective – taking under an hour to add more batteries and with no need to pull out existing system components.

Any qualified electrician is capable of installing the Enphase Storage system, and can easily receive Enphase training to ensure highest quality installations. This is because of the unparalleled safety features and quality built into the system, just like every other Enphase product. Committed to making the whole energy storage experience seamless, from start to finish, for both installers and homeowners – Enphase could not be more proud to present the Enphase Storage System as the future of energy management. Hefty expectations have been placed upon any solution for energy storage, but here at Enphase, we’ve been hard at work in the field delivering on our promises.

Ready. Set. Store!

If you’d like to see for yourself how easy it is to install the Enphase Storage System in Australia, contact your distributor for information on how to obtain the Enphase Storage System when it lands on Australian and New Zealand shores in August.

*Number of consumption CTs required may differ in other countries.

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