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Commit to Making the Earth Cleaner, Cooler and Greener on Earth Day 2019 – Go Solar!

Apr 22, 2019

Commit to Making the Earth Cleaner, Cooler and Greener on Earth Day 2019 – Go Solar!

Global warming is a harsh reality today and is causing an increase of 0.7°C per century. Carbon accounts for 80% of all the greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change.

We often tend to ignore individual contribution to increasing the global carbon footprint. An average person contributes to 4.9 metric ton C02 emission annually and 50% of it is produced from electricity itself.

Wondering how to reduce your carbon footprint?

Adopting renewable energy is the best solution. It is a safe and reliable option for generating clean electricity to meet energy requirements while paving the way to a low-carbon future. By 2050, renewable energy is expected to reduce the electricity sector’s carbon emission by  81%. Solar is the most efficient and versatile amongst all the green energy sources we have, it’s carbon emission per kWh electricity generated is less than 20% compared to that of fossil fuels.

We started Enphase with the mission to deliver energy solutions that make clean energy affordable, reliable and accessible to all.

Enphase systems with its advanced microinverter technology deliver high efficiency, resulting in greater output and reduced carbon footprint. With over 855k system installations, the Enphase family has offset 2.9 billion tonnes of carbon till date.

Every kilowatt installed lowers your home’s carbon footprint by over 1.35 metric ton annually. Switch to solar to contribute towards making our planet cleaner, cooler and greener.

Click here to calculate your carbon footprint and here to find an installer near you.

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