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Configuring Enphase Storage for Time-Of-Use Rate Management

Mar 06, 2017

Configuring Enphase Storage for Time-Of-Use Rate Management

Thanks to a recent Enphase Envoy software update, you can now use MyEnlighten to configure your Enphase storage system to behave differently depending on your utility rate structure. This can further enhance the performance and economics of your storage system.

Single Rate Tariff

If your home is on a Single Rate tariff, you pay the same rate for electricity at all times of the day. If your batteries are configured for this kind of tariff, they will discharge whenever your home’s energy usage exceeds the amount of solar electricity produced on your roof, regardless of time of day.

Time of Use Tariff

If your home is on a Time of Use tariff, the rate you pay for electricity depends on the time of day. The rate is lowest during the 'off-peak' times of day, and there are one or more 'peak' periods when the rate is higher. If your batteries are configured for this kind of tariff, the Envoy controls their charge and discharge behavior to ensure that stored energy is saved for use when electricity cost is highest.

The rates in MyEnlighten can be further customized by weekend or weekday, in the event that you're paying less for electricty on Saturdays and Sundays. You can even indicate if the rate is different from season to season, such as a higher cost for electricity in the summer months than in the winter months. 

Once you’ve configured your storage system, MyEnlighten will display the rate structure in the daily energy graph on the overview screen, like in the picture below. Click on the $ icon in the upper right-hand corner of the graph to hide or display your utility rates.

Your solar installer can configure the Enphase Storage System at the time of installation using the Enphase Installer Toolkit. If you have questions about the setup or operation of your system, please contact your installer. 

Note: The information in this blog post is also available in the MyEnlighten help center

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