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Eliminate Networking Headaches With Enphase Mobile Connect Cellular Monitoring

May 01, 2017

Eliminate Networking Headaches With Enphase Mobile Connect Cellular Monitoring

With more than 580,000 systems operating worldwide, Enphase recognizes the importance of reliable networking and the advantages of using cellular networks to transmit data without interruption. Enphase cellular modem, Mobile Connect and Mobile Connect+, improve on traditional cable and wireless internet services in several ways.

Benefits of Enphase Mobile Connect

For technicians, Mobile Connect is easier to set up than a Wi-Fi internet connection. You mount the modem on a wall or a flat surface, then attach the cellular antenna to the modem and connect the modem to the Enphase Envoy with a USB cable. That’s it. The system is preconfigured for a simple, plug-and-play installation.

Installers who provide operations and maintenance can use Mobile Connect to control access to monitoring data. This can mean the difference between monitoring and not monitoring, especially in places where the system owner or the system host hasn’t already set up a local network.

System owners protect their investment with cellular monitoring. When performance data comes through home networks, an Internet service disruption caused by a change in the home router or modem can cut off monitoring at any time. The cause may be something as simple as an unplugged network cable. If the homeowner cannot troubleshoot the problem themselves, the cost of a truck roll for a technician to restore monitoring can easily exceed the cost of cellular monitoring.

Cellular monitoring is an excellent option in locations where internet service is unreliable or nonexistent. It also opens the possibility of monitoring ground-mount systems where it would be too difficult or cost prohibitive to pull cable for a networking connection.

Enphase now offers two cellular monitoring options: Mobile Connect, a 3G service with a 5-year prepaid data plan, and Mobile Connect+, a new 4G LTE service with a 12-year prepaid data plan. Both options come with a 5-year hardware warranty, and both are compatible with residential systems using up to 60 Microinverters and IQ Envoy, IQ Combiner, Envoy-S Metered, AC Combiner Box, or Envoy S-Standard. Cellular coverage for Mobile Connect is provided by AT&T, making reliable, high-speed service available to the US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico.

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