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Enphase Co-founder Raghu Belur Tells GTM Solar Summit How Solar Can Be A Grid Asset

Apr 28, 2015

Enphase Co-founder Raghu Belur Tells GTM Solar Summit  How Solar Can Be A Grid Asset

The recent Greentech Media Solar Summit 2015 brought together more than 500 industry professionals to the Wigwam Resort outside of Phoenix. One of the highlights of the event was a “fireside chat” between GTM analyst MJ Shiao and Enphase co-founder and vice president of products and strategic initiatives Raghu Belur on the topic of “Solar and the Future of the Grid Edge.”

The conversation included many engaging and provocative moments, including Belur’s call for the end of “dumb box solar” and an explanation of how smart solar energy systems can harness terabytes of data to help utilities in Hawaii and elsewhere better understand and operate their own grid networks as increasing amounts of solar come online. He also described how the combination of storage technologies (such as the Enphase AC Battery) and load management capabilities with the existing solar generation platform will create a turbocharged energy solution that will “seamlessly blend into the connected home.”

“What we need are systems that are fully adaptive, controllable and hyperconnected,” he said. “There’s an opportunity to turn solar from a potential liability into an asset that plays an active and significant role in the modernization of the grid…. Think about a future where the more solar you install, the more energy systems you install, the more efficient and reliable the grid gets—not the other way around.”

To watch the entire GTM Solar Summit fireside chat with Enphase’s co-founder, please check out the video stream below.

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