Enphase Energy Management System Accelerates Mainstream Solar Adoption

Oct 21, 2014

Enphase Energy Management System Accelerates Mainstream Solar Adoption

Just as the solar community gathered for the start of Solar Power International 2014 (SPI), Enphase introduced a groundbreaking new energy management system that will enable large-scale implementation of solar across the globe.

The Enphase Energy Management System delivers on the vision of integrating the critical technologies needed to solve solar energy challenges at scale: smart grid intelligence, communications, big data analytics and storage.

The Enphase Energy Management System is comprised of four main components:

Generation: S-Series Microinverter

Generating solar energy that is smart-grid ready, with advanced grid functionality, enables maximum penetration of distributed solar on the grid. Designed to meet current and future requirements, including the Electric Rule 21 tariff in California, the fully bidirectional, software-defined microinverter supports reactive power control and other advanced grid functionalities. Enphase S-Series Microinverters are the most advanced and easy-to-install smart grid-ready microinverters on the market.

Storage: Enphase AC Battery™

Enphase AC BatteryEnphase AC Battery™ is an advanced energy storage solution with a modular, plug-and-play storage device fully integrated into the Enphase Energy Management System. Based on a distributed architecture, the AC Battery is a safe, reliable and easy-to-install storage solution, designed for residential and commercial applications. The modular battery provides system owners with the ability to store solar energy for future or nighttime use, optimizing solar power consumption and giving owners greater energy independence.

Control: Envoy S

Enphase’s new Envoy S expands from energy monitoring into full revenue grade metering of solar production, metering of home consumption, and storage management. Ruggedly constructed and suitable for installation in outdoor enclosures, the Envoy offers a full range of networking connectivity options. In addition to Ethernet, integrated Wi-Fi not only allows for easy connection to broadband systems but also functions simultaneously as an access point for integration with Enphase’s mobile application and other home automation solutions. An optional cellular modem completes the package; designed in partnership with AT&T, the plug and play M2M data plan makes networking a snap.

Energy Management: Enlighten

Enphase’s Enlighten software platform enables customers to monitor system performance from any PC tablet or smartphone. Enlighten also monitors and optimizes the use of all energy sources—solar, stored and grid—providing remote visibility and control to every installation. Enlighten alerts system owners to performance issues, proactively supports operations and maintenance activities for installers, and helps utilities optimize and manage the grid, revealing trends and opportunities.

Watch the Enphase Energy Management System video to learn how each component works together.

With the next-generation, smart-grid ready Enphase microinverter, plug-n-play storage, advanced control capabilities and load management, Enphase’s new energy management system has three distinct advantages:

  1. It provides a better return on investment for system owners
  2. Expands the range of profitable business models for installers
  3. Provides broader insight into and control for utilities.

The Enphase Energy Management System components will be available on a rolling basis beginning in the third quarter of 2015.

To learn more about the new Enphase Energy Management System and other innovations, visit Enphase Energy at Solar Power International (Booth 812) in Las Vegas, October 21-23, 2014 or visit www.enphase.com/whatsnext.

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