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The Enphase Ensemble™ Technology Provides Relief from Blackouts

Jan 13, 2020

Did you know that blackouts cost Americans $180 billion in damage each year? Although short outages are just a minor inconvenience, some outages last many hours or even days. Interruptions can cause basements to flood, pipes to freeze, food to spoil, damage to electronics, and missed work hours. In severe cases, damage can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Many homeowners want a proactive response to safeguard their homes and families, but what is the best way? Can a solar system provide energy during power outages while also benefitting the environment? Most families with solar panels are also in the dark during outages. Traditional solar systems aren’t equipped to provide power when the grid is down.

Technology is needed to enable these solar systems to harness power during these crucial times. That is what makes Enphase Ensemble energy management technology a game-changer.

The Enphase Ensemble™ technology enables solar system owners to harness power, regardless of what is going on with the grid. This energy management system seamlessly adjusts during blackouts and is fully automatic.

During a daytime power outage, the Ensemble energy management system automatically allows the home to operate independently and utilize energy from the solar panels. At night, the home can draw solar electricity from the battery. When the power is back on, the home reconnects to the grid. This means that the solar system becomes its own grid during outages and the home still has power. The Enphase Ensemble technology brings greater energy independence when power is needed most.

The Enphase Ensemble technology is an excellent way to safeguard your home against costly damage and significant disruption from power outages. Hurricane Maria left a million people without power for months in Puerto Rico in 2017  in the largest blackout in US history. In California, the power has been turned off for hundreds of thousands of people in planned blackouts to prevent forest fires. Unfortunately, the frequency and intensity of wildfires, hurricanes, and intense storms have resulted in a 30% increase in blackouts in the last decade alone.

Do you want to protect your home against costly blackouts? Get started by pre-ordering the  Ensemble system today.

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