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Enphase Teams Up With BDR Fund to Support Solar Education

Sep 09, 2014

Enphase Teams Up With BDR Fund to Support Solar Education

Enphase Energy and the Brian D. Robertson Memorial Fund (BDR Fund) have come together for the first time, and we’re bringing solar to schools!

Enphase’s recent charitable partnership with the BDR Fund will support the fund’s goal of installing 20,000 solar PV systems to U.S. K-12 schools by the year 2020 by contributing PV systems to 25 schools in the year 2014.

The BDR Fund honors the legacy of Brian Robertson, co-founder and president of Sun Edison, and former CEO at Amonix, and continues his commitment to improving our nation’s future through education and the development of a green energy economy.

BDR Fund logoThe BDR Fund believes “education is critical to developing a clean energy economy and strengthening our nation’s future”—and Enphase agrees. At Enphase, we understand that it is our responsibility to supply future generations with the knowledge and power to protect the environment.

“Enphase believes educating the public about solar is crucial to the success of the emerging clean energy economy,” said Paul Nahi, CEO of Enphase. “We are proud to partner with the BDR Fund, which does a commendable job of putting solar in the classroom, both as an educational tool and a source of clean power.”

This partnership has already been put to good use, with the completion of when the first joint BDR Fund-Enphase installation in April 2014 at the Josephine Locke Elementary School in downtown Chicago by the local environmental nonprofit and youth charity Climate Circle.

BDR- Enphase Installation 1

Once installed by the BDR Fund installer partners, the solar systems’ visibility helps educate not only students but also teachers, parents and the community about the benefits of solar energy. Teachers at schools with Enphase systems will also be able to include relevant ‘hands-on’ solar data in their curriculum by using the proprietary Enlighten monitoring software.

The BDR Fund has completed 21 installations to-date, and has an additional 35 projects in the pipeline.

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