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Featured Array: Clay Island Farms

Nov 07, 2012

Featured Array: Clay Island Farms

Denise Calloway of Clay Island Farm, a successful poultry farm located in Mardela Springs, MD, recently installed a 150kW ground mount Enphase Commercial system. The system produces enough electricity to cover the needs of the farm’s four poultry houses and Calloway’s own home.

With energy being Calloway’s “single biggest expense” and her energy costs rising every year, she was interested in anything that could lower her bills. The array has exceeded her expectations with a recent electric bill, normally $2,300, was just $300.

The solar array consists of 600 Enphase M215 Microinverters matched with 250W Mage solar modules.

Calloway chose Enphase because of the reliability that the products have to offer. The 25-year warranty and higher efficiency have been a big benefit. In the first four months of operation, the Enphase system has produced more than 75 MWh. Calloway said she enjoys the convenience of going online and tracking the performance of the system with Enlighten.

While the cost of the system was near $700,000, through federal incentives, depreciation, and state grants secured by her installer, Paradise Energy Solutions of Salisbury, MD, Calloway’s system’s actual cost was 50 percent of the original cost. Paradise Energy Solutions also helped Calloway secure a four-year Solar Renewable Energy Credit, or SREC, contract with her utility that generates a secure quarterly revenue stream.

“I was nervous,” Calloway said. “I thought to myself, am I doing the right thing? You have to look at it as an investment. If there’s any way you can make it happen, it’s worth the time and effort.”

Jason Beiler, Maryland general manager for Paradise Energy Solutions, said Calloway’s system using Enphase Microinverters will last 25 years or more, and she expects ROI, excluding loan interest, in about five years.

“It will eliminate most of her $26,000 annual electric bill,” Beiler said.

Calloway was also thrilled with the level of professionalism and knowledge that Paradise Energy Solutions showed. “They made it easy,” said Calloway. “I didn’t have a lot to worry about. I would recommend Paradise Energy Solutions to anyone looking to make a sound, impactful investment in their business. I’m very happy with my decision.”

Installation Summary
Client: Denise Calloway of Clay Island Farm
Location: Mardela Springs, MD
System Designer & Installer: Paradise Energy Solutions
Production: 150kW
Modules: 250W Mage Solar
Installation: 600 M215 Microinverters

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