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Featured Array: Ferm'andises (Bourg-en-Bresse, France)

Dec 17, 2012

Featured Array: Ferm'andises (Bourg-en-Bresse, France)

Ferm'andises, a sustainable locally-sourced produce market, installed solar using the Enphase Microinverter System to reduce their energy bills and meet the sustainable development requirements of their urban community, Bourg-en-Bresse (BBA), France.

When the Ferm'andises proposed its concept of selling produce direct to consumers sourced from 25 local farmers, the idea of ​​a building that meets the requirements of the BBA community's sustainable development initiative was a natural fit. This market, which aims to promote connections between local producers and consumers, required the construction of a warehouse. It was the perfect structure for the installation of an Enphase commercial PV array.

The Ferm'andises rooftop system is equipped with 65 Enphase M215 Microinverters, matched with 265W Auversun modules, to produce a 14kW system. BBA initially wanted to install a PV solution with a central inverter, but after a detailed site survey by Denis Huchard of Sadeja Solar, they were convinced that Enphase Microinverters were best for the project. Each microinverter maximizes the AC output of every solar module, and it was clearly the best solution to optimize overall energy production.

The public launch of Ferm'andises was held on September 11, 2012. Céline Greffet, project manager at the BBA said on this occasion, "The Ferm'andises is a project that is close to our hearts. It allows us to help support local farmers, and at the same time, continue to support our sustainable development policy. Enphase microinverters allowed us to equip the building with PV despite an unfavorable environment. The flexibility and ease of installing the Enphase system was essential for the Ferm'andises project."

Installation Summary
Client: Ferm’andises
Location: Bourg en Bresse, France
System Designer and Installer: Sadeja Solar
Production: 14kW
Modules: 265W Auversun
Installation: 65 M215 Microinverters

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