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Featured Array: Poulettes Skye Pullets Solar

Feb 06, 2012

Featured Array: Poulettes Skye Pullets Solar

iSolara Solar Power designs, manufactures and installs solar products in Ottawa. They had been given the opportunity to build out an exciting solar project that had received grant funding from the Community Energy Partnership Program. This was one of the first to be connected in Eastern Ontario under the FIT Program.

On November 2009, with the announcement of the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program, three neighbors in a farming community east of Ottawa had started to discuss the opportunity for mounting solar panels atop their jointly-owned chicken barns. After some research and business planning, they decided that their pullet replacement barn would be the site of a 100kW solar rooftop project, using Enphase Energy microinverters, to generate electricity from the sun outside while raising chicks inside.

The Poulettes Skye Pullets Solar site is composed of 526 microinverters matched with Canadian Solar 230W modules on a fixed roof mount array. The building was designed with ventilation, attic space, a cat walk and cabling raceway (to manage all electrical runs) and reinforced to support the additional weight of the solar array. The expected yearly output for the Poulette farm is 157mWh and ROI estimated at approximately six-and-a-half years.

Here are some additional site statistics:
Over 3500’ of Solar Racking Railings
Over 1500’ Hanger Bolts
Over 1300’ of Enphase Cabling
Approximately 30 Branch Circuits
5 Envoys/line filters

iSolara Solar Power has been installing solar products in Ottawa since 2003 and has installed over 120 systems using Enphase Microinverters (that's over 6900 microinverters and counting).

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