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Featured Residential Array: Solar Victory in Sunny San Diego

Mar 31, 2013

Featured Residential Array: Solar Victory in Sunny San Diego

Paco Gomez was looking for a long-term investment strategy to address his energy costs during retirement. After some diligent research, it was clear he should move forward with an installation to provide solar energy on his residence.

Paco contacted Bruce Bosworth, owner of San Diego Solar Install (SDSI), a C-46 solar contractor. Bruce had installed a neighbor’s string inverter system back in 2009. Since 2010, SDSI has installed only Enphase-based systems. Paco asked about the older system and what advances had been made since it was installed. Bruce informed him about Enphase technology and its multiple advantages over the older central inverter system.

SDSI offered Paco the newest development in solar PV energy, Enphase Energized Phono AC modules. The AC Phono modules offer all the big advances in energy production, remote monitoring, safety, and a quick, more efficient installation. AC modules are faster and easier to install, as the microinverter is pre-installed to the modules at the factory.

SDSI’s first two installations of the new Enphase Energized Phono AC modules yielded a 30 percent savings on preparation and installation time, plus 5 percent savings on materials. Bruce Bosworth loves the fact he can offer his customers better pricing with no loss in profitability. Bruce states, "Very cool. This will save install time and copper wire plus who knows what else. I'm excited at this huge advancement that will be realized by others later this year and next year as other module manufacturers follow suit."

Enphase and Phono representatives visited the site to capture the moment of the first AC module installations in California.

Paco Gomez is pleased with his long-term renewable energy investment. Enphase congratulates San Diego Solar Install on installing the Enphase Energized AC solution!

System Summary
Client: Paco Gomez
Location: San Diego, CA
System Installer: San Diego Solar Install
System Size: 5.6kW
Modules: Phono AC 250 Poly
Installation: 25 M215 Microinverters

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