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Four Differentiators That Set Enphase Apart From the Competition

Jun 25, 2018

Have you noticed that homeowners are doing more research before going solar? They're taking more time to learn about the technology and understand the equipment that will be going on their roof.

In a recent survey we conducted with homeowners, more than a third said they requested specific brands for their modules and inverters. The conversation is quickly moving from: “I’m interested in solar” to: “I’m interested in solar... but I want to know more about this module vs that module. And, what’s the real difference between these inverter options?

Thankfully, the answers are clear when it comes to the Enphase Home Energy Solution. We've put together some key materials to help you communicate what sets our industry-leading technology apart from the rest of the pack:

  • Enphase Microinverters stand up to extreme heat: They generate less heat than other inverters, protecting internal parts from damage due to extreme heat
  • Enphase technology provides a better value: Our technology produces more energy with lower operations and maintenance costs, which substantially racks up the savings over a system's lifetime
  • Enphase systems include critical consumption monitoring functionality: Unlike some of our competitors, the Enphase solution includes easy-to-install consumption monitoring (one of the features that homeowners find most valuable when purchasing a solar system!)
  • Enphase Microinverters are more reliableEnphase Microinverters have no moving parts, which means improved reliability. In fact, our systems come with the highest environmental durability rating and an industry-leading 25-year warranty

The links above will take you to a series of short topic briefs that will arm you with proven, concise information to use with your customers. You can see the complete list of topic briefs here. We'll be adding new topic briefs in the future, so check back again soon!

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