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Installers: Give Your Customers What They Want With Energy Usage Monitoring

May 30, 2018

Why home energy tracking matters to your customers

We recently surveyed our homeowners about what features they want from their solar system. While knowing how much energy their panels produce is most important to them, more than half of homeowners said they also want information about how much energy their household consumes. And when asked what additional system components they want to learn more about, consumption monitoring was their #1 answer.

Helping homeowners see the light

As you probably know, when a homeowner gets a new solar system, a common misconception is that they now have unlimited free energy. With this mindset, some homeowners start to use even more energy than they did in the past, leaving lights on around the house and keeping other devices turned on longer. In fact, one of the common questions our customer support team gets is: “We now have this beautiful, high-performing solar array. So why are my energy bills the same as they were before?”

With energy usage monitoring (a.k.a. Consumption Monitoring), homeowners are able to view their home’s energy usage in MyEnlighten. With this valuable data at their fingertips, homeowners can see when they’re using energy that comes from their new system -- and when they’re not. With access to this powerful information, homeowners can make slight modifications to their behaviors (like running the dishwasher during the day and remembering to keep power usage down at night) that can help them keep their energy bills low.

An added bonus: Installing Consumption CTs also prepares the system for installation of the AC Battery, so you can offer your customers the option of adding storage to their system to help offset their night-time energy usage.

How to get started installing Consumption CTs

Enabling Consumption Monitoring on an Enphase system requires the installation of two metering devices (called Consumption CTs) on the main service conductors feeding the site; it also requires that the system have an Envoy-S or IQ Envoy as well. You can see more detailed information about installing Consumption CTs on this technical brief.

Keep in mind that not all sites are compatible with Consumption CT installation, depending on the configuration of the home's electrical panel.

Need help? We’ve got you covered!

Join an upcoming webinar about how to install Consumption CTs and why Consumption Monitoring is good for your business. We’re rolling out the Meter Wizard, a new tool to walk you through the Consumption CT configuration process to ensure successful installation every time. You can see videos, FAQs, and more about Consumption Monitoring in the support center.

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