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Installing the Enphase Storage System: Size Matters

Mar 22, 2016

Installing the Enphase Storage System: Size Matters

When you watch our time-lapse video of a 4.8kWh Enphase Storage System installation, you'll notice something pretty remarkable: one person was able to install four Enphase AC Batteries in less than two hours – one hour and 40 minutes, to be exact.

Why is this important? Because some batteries that attach to existing solar PV systems are NFL linebacker-sized, and weigh more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds). Installing something that big requires at least two people and most likely machinery to raise it into place, adding a layer of complexity to a job that doesn’t need to be so hard. Each Enphase AC Battery weighs just under 25 kilograms  (55 pounds).

Sizing of the Battery Made Easy with Enphase

The modular design of the plug and play 1.2KwH Enphase AC Battery means that installing multiple units is easy, and allows customers the flexibility of scaling up with more batteries as their electricity usage changes over time. It also means that customers can right-size their storage system to capture their excess solar generation and maximize the value that the batteries can provide.

An AC-coupled system also means that the batteries connect to the home's electric system using standard AC wiring the same way an Enphase Microinverter System does, without the dangers associated with high-voltage DC power. Enphase AC Batteries can also work with any existing inverter or PV system, thanks to its built-in microinverter – no additional inverters are necessary. With a DC battery, the existing system typically must be retrofited with a storage-ready inverter that matches the size of the solar plus storage, or a separate inverter for the storage system must be added. Either way, it adds complexity and unexpected costs to the system.


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