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The Power of Peace of Mind: How Enphase Builds Unmatched Reliability - By Paul Nahi

Jun 18, 2014

The Power of Peace of Mind: How Enphase Builds Unmatched Reliability - By Paul Nahi

For revolutionary technologies such as Enphase Energy’s solar PV microinverter systems to truly win widespread adoption, they must meet two crucial criteria:

First, they must provide significant new benefits that legacy or rival technologies cannot match. In the case of Enphase systems, the long-term savings, real energy harvest, safety and environmental benefits are being realized every day by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

Second, and equally important, is that they must be absolutely reliable, even under the most extreme conditions. No new technology, particularly in the energy sector, can earn a mainstream global customer base if it can’t perform as expected, week after week without downtime or excessive maintenance.  It must be effortless, efficient, and predictable.

Prior to launching the first Enphase system, our team understood that in order to change the way the world makes and manages energy, our systems had to be designed and manufactured to exceed the highest quality standards.

In other words, power and peace of mind had to go hand in hand.

That relentless company-wide commitment to absolute reliability is reflected in the diverse backgrounds of our leadership team.  Our executive team is hand picked and comes from the leaders in high tech, across semiconductor, disk drive (data storage), automotive, telecommunications and other industries where “five 9s” reliability is the norm. Our team instills every Enphase product with decades of collective experience making extremely complex and highly useful systems – whether a car, a disk drive or mobile phone networks – perform as designed.

We are committed to having the most rigorous internal testing standards and processes in the industry, and we believe we invest more resources, time, and effort in the pursuit of quality than any solar company.

For example:

  • Enphase has invested at least 15% of revenues to research and development efforts including quality and reliability innovations. This spending level is comparable to tech giants such as Google and Intel and is many times the norm in the solar industry.
  • We begin the design and engineering process for all of our products with clear quality standards that are reviewed and refined by the executive team. Hardware and software components progress through a series of rigorous stage-gate quality checks throughout the design and manufacturing process.  Results are measured daily against quality benchmarks by Enphase’s Vice President of Quality and Reliability.
  • Enphase products undergo 1 million power-on hours of accelerated, long-term reliability testing prior to release. That’s right, 1 million hours—or more than 114 years.
  • Our customers deserve not only reliable products and systems but also equally reliable and consistent customer service and training.  Enphase works with solar professionals to ensure their long-term success with customers. This includes the ability to test a system’s readiness and production over a wireless device immediately after installation. The production and operations of the entire Enphase fleet is continually monitored, and comprehensive device health and performance data is collected every 15 minutes from every microinverter installed.  We collect about 500GB of raw data daily – that’s around 3.5TB weekly - from more than 150,000 systems installed and operating globally.

As solar spreads and becomes mainstream, the challenge for the entire industry will be to maintain the level of quality and reliability that produces clean, affordable energy at an ever increasing scale. Enphase is prepared to meet the challenges of a multi-gigawatt, multi-million rooftop reality because we deliver on our core commitment to quality, reliability, innovation and customer satisfaction today.

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