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Solar Power in your Backyard

Nov 10, 2011

Solar Power in your Backyard

One of the things we most enjoy watching is how our microinverters and AC-based systems are changing the possibilities for installed solar. In Eagan, MN, engineer Mouli Vaidyanathan, PhD, illustrates this ingenuity with the SolarPodTM – an “off the roof” solar unit powered by Enphase.

The SolarPod is a simple, plug & play, standalone solar unit that can be set up in a backyard, parking lot or pretty much anywhere the sun shines. Lightweight and easy to set up, these SolarPods can be placed anywhere to maximize sun exposure and can plug in directly to a home or business’ existing electrical infrastructure. With no installation required, the SolarPod offers a unique solution for many kinds of residential and commercial settings.

Dr. Mouli, founder of SolarPod, wanted to create a modular standalone solar unit that could adapt in size, and even build on top of one another, providing a clean energy option that didn’t require gable rooftop installation. The Enphase Microinverter System gave him the answer he needed to make it happen.

“I was looking for a product that could meet the needs of my modular, prefabricated design,” he says. “That’s when I came across Enphase. Their microinverters became the building block that let me integrate several solar panels together. Thanks to Enphase, my customers can start with one small block of solar panels and add up to four more blocks with just a click. It’s really that easy.”

The SolarPod is built on the Enphase M215 Microinverter. Each M215 connects to an individual solar module, performing DC to AC power conversion and allowing for easy integration into the grid, all while maximizing the efficiency of the system. The design makes the SolarPod flexible for summer and winter adjustments and cost-effective for users seeking a ground mount or flat roof mount way to go solar.

Know of other ways that Enphase microinverters are helping people rethink solar? Let us know! We look forward to sharing more innovations here.

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