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We heard you: We’ve improved our customer support and the results are in.

Jul 19, 2018

We heard you: We’ve improved our customer support and the results are in.

Wait times are down to two minutes on average

If you have called in recently, we hope you noticed that wait times are down to two minutes on average, and sometimes even less. In fact, average wait time has decreased 80 percent – from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.
“I want to thank Enphase for the new and improved customer support service. The wait times and support call issues appear to be a thing of the past and calling for technical support is actually an enjoyable experience now. We especially appreciate that Enphase now takes calls directly from our customers, since Enphase is still the best at explaining the inner workings and features of the MyEnlighten platform.” - Brian Miller, president of Professional Electrical Services, Inc.

Positive feedback is up

Our philosophy is to measure what matters, and we think customer experience matters. One of the key metrics we use to measure customer experience is the Net Promoter Score, which gauges customer loyalty.
Our Net Promoter Score has gone from -28% to 44%. Negative 28 percent was bad. Forty-four percent is not perfect. But we think that a 257 percent improvement is progress in the right direction.
Infographhic: 2575 improvement in customer support experience

We’ve also launched new online support content to address common questions, such as a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to help customers get their Envoy online if it loses connection to the internet. And we measure your feedback on these new initiatives to make sure that they’re effective. For example, the approval rating of our Envoy support content went from 40% to 87% after we launched the troubleshooting guide. Those are the types of numbers we like to see. And we especially appreciate it when our customers take notice:

"Synergy has been a big fan and loyal Enphase customer since we started using them exclusively seven years ago. Enphase’s technology and tools help us better serve our customers and make us more competitive. Enphase’s support continues to improve and it’s clear how far ahead of other manufactures they are. I could not be happier with the products, service, support, and software we receive from Enphase.” - Jeff Mathias, co-owner of Synergy Solar

New self-service tools are gaining traction

We’ve improved our online, self-service support tools to help installers and homeowners find answers faster. Last month, we launched Service-on-the-Go, which installers can use from their mobile device to get service, instantly. Many of our customers are taking advantage of these new, time-saving tools:

“Southern California is an extremely competitive marketplace for solar, and Enphase's Service-on-the-Go has been a game changer for us in terms of customer service. We take great pride in being customer service-centric and expect the same level of efficiency and speed from our partners. The ability to file a warranty claim and manage the replacement online is a perfect example of something that makes us more efficient and faster and reflects an important alignment of values between Solar Optimum and Enphase." - Arno Aghamalian, president and CEO of Solar Optimum

Our online support center has also seen dramatic increases in sessions, page views and users in the past year, and we’re happy to see you taking advantage of this resource:

Graph: Support center activity up 145%

How we got there

Our goal is to match the effort we make to build premium products with the effort to provide a premium customer experience. They belong together. We’ve invested extensively in customer support over the past year. We’ve hired new team members, changed scheduling to meet peak demand, provided more online self-service tools for installers and now host more educational webinars than ever before.

We have also improved customer support by:

  • Launching Service Manager, an online tool that makes it easy for installers to create and manage support requests and file a warranty claim
  • Introducing mobile tools like Service-on-the-Go so installers can replace a device from anywhere
  • Publishing tutorials for common support issues, like how to reset an Envoy after the Internet connection is dropped (due to weather, a power outage or some other Internet issue)
  • Implementing new features like support callback, which literally limits the time spent waiting on the phone

You can see our work in action by checking out our online support center or contacting customer support directly. Our commitment to service is incredibly important to us, and we value the opportunity to provide you with exceptional customer care.


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