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How do I change the start date or offset the amount of lifetime energy reported by a system’s meter?

The Meter Start Date setting lets you correct for errors in meter data arising from CT miswiring or other installation mistakes by adjusting the date from which meter data is displayed on the Enlighten Manager and MyEnlighten graphs.

The Lifetime Energy Offset lets you account for the energy measured by a previous meter after installing a new meter. The value entered here affects the system’s lifetime energy display.
Changing these settings only adjusts the values that are displayed by Enlighten Manager and MyEnlighten. It does not remove any historical data from the system.
To change these settings, click the Settings tab (Setting Icon). Scroll down to the Display Settings section.

  • To change the Meter Start Date, enter a new date in the field or select one from the calendar menu, then scroll to the bottom of the Display Settings section and click Save. It may take several minutes for the graph view to accurately reflect the meter data after you make this update.
  • To change the Lifetime Energy Offset, enter the amount in watt hours you would like to offset from the lifetime energy measurement for the system.

Note: If the system is set to display production information from microinverters rather than the meter, entering a meter start date or lifetime energy offset will have no effect on the system display in Enlighten. These settings will only be reflected in the system if the System Energy and Power Display is set to Meter Measurements.

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