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NEM 2.0

NEM 2.0: What’s ahead for California?

At the beginning of 2016, the solar industry celebrated California’s decision to keep retail rates under the new net energy metering tariff (NEM 2.0).

NEM 2.0 is not just a simple continuation of the previous NEM 1.0 tariff. In fact, there are many complexities within the successor tariff. 

Join our pre-recorded webinar and learn: 

  • What to expect under NEM 2.0 
  • You’ll get an in-depth look into the new non-bypassable charges and mandatory time of use rates. 
  • Each utility’s expected timeline and progress towards hitting their respective NEM 1.0 caps and will discuss what to expect during the transition from NEM 1.0 to NEM 2.0. 
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