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Articles & FAQs to help you troubleshoot common questions and issues


  • Reconnect your IQ Envoy or Envoy S to a Wi-Fi network using the Enphase Enlighten App

    Watch this video to learn how you can get your Envoy back online by re-establishing a network connection using the Enphase Enlighten App. You will need your home Wi-Fi password handy and a device already connected to it to proceed.

  • Reconnecting your LCD Envoy

    Steps for reconnecting your LCD Envoy via your Wi-Fi adapter stick

  • Will my Ensemble™ energy management technology system automatically switch to backup during grid outage?

  • When will I receive my products if I place a pre-order now?

  • How should I place a pre-order for my home?

  • Reconnecting your IQ Combiner

    Let's get your IQ Combiner back online

  • When will products enabled by Ensemble™ energy management technology be available for purchase?

  • How big of a system do I need to back up my home?

  • Will my solar PV system continue to produce power when there is a grid outage?

  • Do I need to reduce my energy consumption during a grid outage?

  • Is Ensemble™ energy management technology safe?

  • Where are Ensemble™ energy management technology system components typically installed?

  • Does an Ensemble™ energy management system require any regular maintenance?

  • What is the length of warranties for Ensemble™ energy management technology system components?

  • I already have an Enphase solar PV system – can I upgrade to Ensemble™ energy management technology?