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Enphase Training Videos

On-demand training videos to help you design, install and maintain Enphase solar systems


  • Reconnect your LCD Envoy via Manual Wi-Fi setup

    Watch this video to learn how you can get your Envoy back online by re-establishing a network connection using Wi-Fi Stick.

  • Introduction to MyEnlighten

    Watch this short video for an introduction to MyEnlighten cloud-based monitoring.

  • Homeowner Series: Who is Enphase?

    Watch this video to learn how Enphase fits into your solar system.

  • Homeowner Series: Introduction to the Enlighten mobile app

    Watch this video to learn about the features of the Enlighten mobile app and how to access them.

  • Homeowner Series: What's size got to do with it?

    Your solar system size is quoted in kilowatts of power. But what does that have to do with your actual energy harvest in kilowatt-hours? Size is important, but it's not the only thing that matters!

  • Homeowner Series: Say "Yes!" to safe AC energy!

    Watch this video to learn why Enphase is the safest solar technology for your family.

  • Homeowner Series: What is a kilowatt hour?

    You're paying for kilowatt hours, but what does that mean exactly? And what's the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt hour?

  • NEW Array Builder: (3) Assign Microinverters to an Array in Enlighten

    Learn how to assign microinveter serial numbers to an array layout using the new array builder.

  • NEW Array Builder: (2) Build a Complex Rooftop Layout in Enlighten

    Learn how to build a complex rooftop array layout using the new array builder.

  • NEW Array Builder: (1) Build a Simple Array Layout in Enlighten

    Follow this step-by-step to create a simple array layout using the new array builder.

  • How to install the Electrical Receptacle in the IQ Combiner 3

    Learn how to install the optional electrical receptacle (AC outlet) in the IQ Combiner 3

  • Service-on-the-Go with Enlighten Manager and Installer Toolkit

    Learn how to use Service-on-the-Go to quickly process returns and replacements and reduce truckrolls. Service-on-the-Go removes the administrative steps in device replacements. Devices are automatically retired, replaced and the array updated in Enlighten

  • Arc Fault Demonstration

    Watch this video demonstration of arc fault behavior to learn why the Enphase solar system is the safest on the market

  • Service-on-the-Go

    Self-service return and replacement to help you manage devices with just a few clicks

  • IQ: Microinverter Rooftop Installation

    This video will assist you in installing your Enphase IQ 7/7+ microinverters on the rooftop.